The Basics – Pumps

The heart of the pool's circulation system


The pump moves water through the filter, heater or heat pump, salt chlorine generator, water features and plumbing. It can also power in-floor cleaning systems and automatic cleaners. A pool pump should circulate all pool water at least once a day. And efficiency is what counts. Greater efficiency means lower utility costs. The key to pump efficiency lies deep in the heart of the pump’s design. The secret is to minimize turbulence as water passes through the pump. Less turbulence means less energy and less noise.

If you're considering adding an automatic cleaner, ask your pool builder to recommend a pump with adequate power to handle the additional demands.

We Recommend:

With our revolutionary IntelliFlo® and IntelliPro® Variable Speed pumps you get:

  • Dramatic energy cost savings potential…up to 90% or more compared to conventional 1- and 2-speed pumps — calculate your savings now.
  • Important layer of swimmer safety with integrated Safety Vacuum Release System—our new SVRS models detect drain blockage and automatically turn off the pump
  • Extraordinary pump life for even greater value
  • Better performance of water quality systems
  • Ability to maintain energy cost savings as equipment and accessories change
  • The quietest pool pump you can buy
  • A Eco Select® brand product — signifies our “greenest” and most sustainable choice