image of EnviroMAX


New EnviroMAX® Variable Speed Pumps bring the remarkable energy cost savings of variable speed technology to everyday pools that require up to a 2.0-HP pump. They dramatically reduce energy costs by moving water more efficiently at lower speeds. Building on the success of previous EnviroMAX® pool pumps, the new EnviroMAX® adds higher output so you can do more; filtration, spa jets, water features and even in-floor cleaning.


  • Built in Time-Clock - With battery back-up, allows EnviroMAX® to be used as standalone pump. (1500W model only)
  • Step Advance - Feature gives a duration setting for each speed and automatically moves to the next speed, for up to 24 hours of program. (1500W model only).
  • Powerful Head and Flow - Increased head and flow makes pump suitable for spa jets, in-floor cleaning and other high demand applications.
  • Adjustable Priming - Set desired priming speed or deactivate altogether.
  • Power Factor Correction - Some variable speed pumps have low power factors, which gives dirty power that your power company can charge you, up to, double for. EnviroMAX® has a power factor >0.9 which means the power consumption shown on our energy label, is what you are actually charged for*. (1500W model only).
  • Digital Control Input - For connection to automation systems.
  • Tough and Durable - Pump made from Dura-Glas™ composite, reinforced, resin. UV and weather resistant.
  • Quiet Operation - Our quietest EnviroMAX® yet.
  • Precision Fit Components - Precision engineering for quality, reliability and efficiency.

*Energy label power consumption is achieved when running at operating points specified on the label. Conditions vary from site to site.