image of IntelliLevel
Automatic Water Leveling System

Introducing the new generation of water leveling for residential pools!

With its multi-sensing technology, simple set up and ease of use, the IntelliLevel brings a new standard of water levelling technology to new construction residential pools. The IntelliLevel keeps the water in your customer’s pool or spa at a constant level, preventing waste or the overflowing of pool water.


  • Installs entirely on equipment pad.
  • No additional pipes or wires to run to or from skimmer or elsewhere to pool.
  • Monitors fill amount and fill time and indicates current water level in the pool.
  • Maintains weighted average of fill rate.
  • Alerts user if fill fails.
  • Fills desired amount in a single fill.
  • Identifies flow rate deviation.
  • Indicates pump activity.
  • Watermark compliant solenoid valve and check valve included.
  • Conventional pool water fillers use mechanisms designed to fill toilet cisterns! Don’t rely on these to maintain the pride of your property. Install IntelliLevel™ on your pool now.