image of IntelliValve™

The revolutionary IntelliValveTM Valve Actuator lets you set just the right flow for filtration and water features. Its intuitive controls and LED position indicator lights make operation fast and push-button easy. Thirteen (13) bright LEDs provide a clear visual indication of the valve position from fully open to fully closed and everywhere in between. Simply use the left/right and Save buttons to set the perfect flow rate in just seconds.


  • Exclusive thirteen (13) LEDs give precise, easy-to-read indication of valve position.
  • Built-in interface allows quick and simple setup of valve position.
  • Sleek, minimalist design is compact and fits easily within any equipment pad.
  • Sealed, maintenance-free design is weatherproofed for maximum reliability and extended service life.
  • Suitable for 40mm, 50mm and 80mm valve sizes.
  • 24-volt operation for use with standard automation systems.
  • 750mA max amp draw.
  • Adjustable in 3.75-degree increments within the maximum 180-degree swing.
  • No cams to adjust. No microswitches.