image of PWT Commercial Heat Pumps
image of PWT Commercial Heat Pumps
PWT Commercial Heat Pumps

Pentair commercial heat pumps found around the world in resort, hotels, public swimming pools, schools and water parks. Wherever large bodies of water need to be reliably heated, you’ll find Pentair. Pentair commercial heat pumps are equipped with a multi-unit integrated control that centralises temperature control and fault diagnostics for a much easier and more practical interface. Incorporating a master-slave configuration into the design, mulitple units can work seemlessly together.


  • Dual Coil Titanium Heat Exchanger - Compared with normal single coil heat exchangers, enlarges the heat exchanging surface that increases efficiency.
  • Copeland scroll compressors - Regarded in the industry as the best.
  • Variable Speed Fan - The fan speed will be adjusted automatically to reduce the input power and noise level to achieve energy saving and silent running.
  • Heats, cools and offers auto defrost.
  • Corrosion protection Hydrophilic Evaporator Coating. 
  • Powder coated steel enclosure.
  • New Inverter models available.