When Water Moves, Magic Happens

Perhaps nothing else soothes the soul like the sight and sound of moving water. That’s why water features are such a popular trend.

We Recommend:

MagicFalls® Water Effects. Our line of waterfalls features rain, sheet, curtain, and arc effects and includes 900 options including metallic finishes, plus white and gray.

WallSpring® Decorative Accents. Choose from nearly 50 different styles of rosettes, lion heads, figureheads, sconces, shells and handholds. Available in 7 colors including 4 metallic finishes.

MagicStream® Laminars. Reaching up to 7 feet high and projecting out up to 8 feet—include your choice of LED color-changing lighting (locks in on a single color or displays multi-colors including 3 color-changing programs and a solenoid for added arc impact) or a laminar with a fiber optic lighting adapter.